ProcCamSim-X simulator

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Gidel has unveiled its latest CoaXPress-based camera/machine simulator, which generates video and test patterns to a frame grabber supporting the CoaXPress specification configurations.

The ProcCamSim-X simulator replaces the necessity to maintain an array of expensive cameras for different images and video formats required for both initial development and testing, and for rigorous field testing. Supported pixel formats include Raw, Mono, Planar, Planar Raw, Bayer, RGB, RGBA, YUV, YCbCr601, and YCbCr709.

The ProcCamSim-X software application can configure all of the simulation parameters, including timing, resolution, CoaXPress channels structure, and so forth. RAW and BMP file data can be loaded via a DMA channel or image data loaded from the embedded pattern generator. As a result, system designers and developers have available the necessary test patterns for their application testing or algorithm development.

Using Gidel’s API designed for low-latency and high throughput, images can be transmitted live according to the vision system’s real-time signal feedback. Another ProcCamSim-X feature is the option to support data transmission of multi-camera types and protocols simultaneously, including frame and line cameras, CoaXPress, Camera Link, etc. This can be achieved by using multiple ProcCamSim-X systems all synchronised from a single trigger source.

Typical simulator applications include vision algorithm development, image processing application testing, machine vision integration and vision system reliability.