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Proc CamSim

MaxxVision has released Proc CamSim, which enables the user to perform vision and imaging system development at low cost and in a laboratory environment. Thus, the technology improves the productivity and reduces the overall expense of vision system development.

Potential applications include: vision algorithm development, image processing application testing, machine vision integration, vision system reliability testing, and debugging.

Proc CamSim data flow repetition capability ensures that algorithms are validated and work as expected with the relevant input. Moreover, if a bug is detected, the respective data flow can be accurately reconstructed to locate the bug and fix it quickly.

The device simplifies the simulation process by enabling the user to add FPGA code, to connect to system IOs, and to add a user process to handle the additional tasks of the simulator. An additional application driver is automatically generated by the ProcWizard, a GiDEL provided development kit.

The GUI-based CamSim Software provides a fast and easy way to configure the simulator to mimic any Camera Link camera and to output any image to the grabber side.

The software configures all the simulation parameters, including timing and resolution, Camera Link channels structure, etc. The application also provides the mechanism to decode and load AVI video or image data into the FPGA via the DMA channel and synchronise it with the hardware side. This video/image data can be used in addition to available static test patterns generated in hardware.

Users may develop their own software controller, based on an automatically generated Proc class, and thus build a custom software application to control the simulator. Users can also implement their own custom FPGA designs based on a supplied template, insert their own configuration or control module in the FPGA design, and recompile to create their own simulator.


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