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PP420 series of LEDs

An Ethernet enabled 4-channel LED lighting controller has been made available from Stemmer Imaging. The PP420 series of LED lighting controllers from Gardasoft Vision acts as a miniature web server and can be controlled by image processing software on a remote PC, or simply accessed through a web browser via its IP address. 

With the increasing use of GigE cameras in machine vision applications, Ethernet-enabled lighting controllers fit seamlessly into existing camera networks adding essential lighting control with maximum convenience to the machine vision system.

The PP420 provides automatic operation with current-rated and voltage-rated lighting, providing plug-and-play operation. SafeSense technology ensures that the LEDs are not damaged when overdriving the lights. SafeSense determines the rating for the light connected and then imposes limits based on the pulse width and duty cycle preventing the user from entering parameters that exceed these limits, which could potentially damage the LEDs.

The unit provides all power regulation, intensity control, timing and triggering functions required for machine vision systems. Each channel offers output current from 0-10A in steps of 2.5mA with up to 2A per channel continuous current or 10A pulsed. Output modes include continuous current, pulsed output (once per trigger) or switched output according to a digital input.


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