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Pleora's iPort Analog-Pro IP engine

Framos has added Pleora's iPort Analog-Pro IP engine to its product portfolio. Compact and simple to integrate, the iPort Analog-Pro IP engine transmits high-quality video from analogue cameras with low, predictable latency. Able to transmit video from up to two analogue cam­eras simultaneously, this video transmitter is ideal for system integrators wanting the benefits of networked video connectivity with high-value analogue cameras.

The video transmitter is compatible with GigE Vision and GenICam connectivity standards. It provides software-controlled general purpose inputs and outputs (GPIO), as well as two RS232 ports to control external accessories such as motorised wipers, and pan/tilt housings.

Able to transmit video at full resolution at up to 30fps with low, consistent latency, the Analog-Pro IP engine is available as a compact, low-power OEM board set designed for use in a variety of housings.

The transmitter is compatible with Pleora's vDisplay video receivers, as well as the company's feature-rich application toolkit, eBUS SDK.

Potential applications include use in military vetronics systems, intelligent traffic systems, critical infrastructure surveillance systems, and industrial inspection systems.


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