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Pleora iPort SB-Pro IP engines

Available from Multipix Imaging, Pleora iPort SB-Pro IP engines transform Sony block camera into GigE Vision compliant cameras. Compact and simple to integrate, the engine transmits high-definition video with low, predictable latency.

Complete with feature control using the GenICam standard, these products are ideal for system integrators looking to differentiate their offerings, increase interoperability, and introduce networking capabilities.

SB-Pro IP engines abstract the Sony VISCA protocol into an industry-standard GenICam interface over Ethernet. With video and control signals existing on a single cable, system cost and complexity can be further decreased.

Being able to transmit video at up to 1,080i resolution and up to 30fps with low, consistent latency, SB Pro IP engines are available as compact, low power OEM board sets designed for use in a variety of housings.

Ideal applications include military and medical imaging systems, intelligent traffic systems and industrial inspection.


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