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Pleora GigE Vision over wireless technology

Video interface company Pleora now offers GigE Vision over wireless technology. Currently, Pleora is only providing customer-specific solutions, but it expects to offer general purpose video interfaces, as OEM boards and Intellectual Property, in late 2013. Products from Pleora are also available from its European distribution partner Framos.

Pleora’s technology is built upon standard IT platforms, does not require a frame grabber, and it is supported by a common software development kit. In addition, the wireless interface is GigE Vision and GenICam compatible, so it can be coupled with other GigE Vision compatible products, or compliant cameras from third-party manufacturers.

The wireless technology transmits data using the IEEE 802.11n standard with high reliability at up to 180Mb/s in a lab environment, equivalent to about 60Mb/s in an average real-world environment.

At the Vision show in November 2012, a wireless-enabled camera was shown to transmit images at 320 x 256, 8-bit monochrome, at 30fps. This yields a data rate of about 20Mb/s. In a system built using similar cameras, multiple cameras could use the same wireless channel.


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