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Platform for creating deep learning models

Flexible Vision, a leading AI vision systems provider, is disrupting the machine vision space with the launch of a new online platform. Users can now start creating Deep Learning (DL) vision models instantly, with zero programming skills and minimal experience in DL.

The Flexible Vision platform reinvents machine learning for non-experts and non-programmers. It is the product of years of research and development to build a machine vision solution with intuitive machine learning at its heart. This is an important step forward, as artificial intelligence solutions are now in high demand, providing a competitive edge to savvy organizations.

Eddie Silverberg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Flexible Vision, said: “Deep Learning is a key tool across multiple markets – and the machine vision sector is no exception. Engineers are now eager to realize the benefits of artificial intelligence – but without any time-consuming algorithm development or costly hardware installations. This is where Flexible Vision can help. We’re proud to have developed a universal solution for vision system developers to run their Deep Learning projects with ease.”

The users of the Flexible Vision platform benefit from the end-to-end toolchain, that provides data management, image annotation, model training, and deployment to the final application. No local hardware and no setup of any Deep Learning framework is required to start with the application development, allowing machine vision experts to complete feasibility studies with ease and minimal upfront investment.

Flexible Vision provides a centralized and secure cloud-based repository to store image datasets. This enables easy collaboration, where datasets can seamlessly be exchanged between team members and customers. Users can also reach inference in real-time across critical applications.

The Flexible Vision platform is a highly compatible tool, which can easily be deployed across any operational system on the manufacturing line thanks to its REST API for simple machine to machine integration. Flexible Vision also offers custom end-to-end services to meet the needs of highly customized applications.

To summarize, machine vision users obtain an intuitive environment to tag, train and run their Deep Learning projects with Flexible Vision. This simple, cost-effective and centralized solution removes the complexity and ambiguity of machine learning, revolutionizing the machine vision market with its unique, single-click model creation and easy tagging system.


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