BitRefine Heads software

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BitRefine group presented technology that allows any private company start collecting road traffic statistics without building permanent construction, using just standard CCTV camera on a tripod. The technology is based on deep learning computer vision algorithms and comes as a part of multi-purpose video analysis software platform BitRefine Heads.

New solution is aiming to help companies in the cases when building permanent construction for camera installation is impossible; when it is needed to probe big number of road segments; when private organizations need to collect their own statistics, how many cars and trucks go through certain road segments.

Details of this solution, screenshots and demo video are available at

The object detection tool can locate trained object classes and separate those touching or partially overlapping.

27 April 2023

With the Deep Counting feature, large numbers of objects such as glass bottles can be counted.

19 April 2023

The new diffractive optical network-based multispectral imager achieves high imaging quality and high spectral signal contrast. (Image: UCLA)

07 April 2023