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PL-C741 camera

PixeLink has introduced the PL-C741 compact camera, providing high resolution, low noise images for outstanding value in a broad range of industrial applications. The model is a 1.3 Megapixel camera based on the Cypress IBIS5 CMOS global shutter progressive scan sensor featuring a FireWire B interface and 27fps output.

Multi-slope dynamic range controls enables balanced exposure in images with large scene dynamic range (100+dB) making the camera well suited for traffic monitoring and welding inspection applications. Factory calibrated Digital Pixel Correction provides image quality similar to high-end CCD cameras.

Using two rather than three camera electronics boards, PL-C series cameras use 33 per cent less camera hardware than existing PixeLink offerings and are 38 per cent to 45 per cent smaller than cameras from PixeLink's other professional camera line, the PL-B series. Their small size allows for easy integration into custom industrial applications in which a robust, high quality camera is required.

As with every PixeLink camera, the PL-C series SDK uses a common API that works for all cameras regardless of the chosen interface. Software code developed for one camera is easily transferred to other PixeLink models without the need to recompile, reducing overall system costs and simplifying camera integration.


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