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Piranha HS NIR 8k camera

Teledyne Dalsa has introduced the Piranha HS NIR 8k camera. Featuring improved sensitivity in near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths, the camera benefits from time delay and integration (TDI) technology. The camera is designed to meet the requirements of low light applications such as solar cell inspection, PCB/electronics inspection, large web applications, and food and drug inspection.

The Piranha HS NIR extends Teledyne Dalsa’s High Sensitivity (HS) product line and provides a cost-effective solution for imaging in near-infrared wavelengths from 700 to 1,050nm. It operates using selectable TDI stages, up to a maximum of 256, and has an area mode of operation for ease of alignment. The camera can be programmed with up to four user sets of coefficients and can utilise mirroring control, forward/reverse control, and flat field correction.

The camera features high resolution of 8,192 x 256 TDI pixels, 320 Megapixel per second throughput and 34.3kHz line rate, bidirectional operation, 100x anti-blooming, and Camera Link interface.


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