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Genie 1410

Dalsa has announced two new models of its Genie GigE Vision-compliant camera family. The Genie C1410 and M1410 cameras feature a high quality, high sensitivity sensor and are specifically designed for industrial imaging applications in the semiconductor, robotics and traffic control industries.

The Genie 1410 features a 2/3-inch CCD sensor from Sony (ICX285) and is available in colour (C1410) and monochrome (M1410) versions running at 22fps. Additional features include: global electronic shutter with exposure control, onboard flat-field correction, and onboard colour conversion (in C1410) to produce crisp and clear images. The camera acts as a single machine vision component, integrating both advanced camera and onboard image acquisition technologies in one small package. A RJ45 screw mount cable connector, ideal for robotics applications, is available.

Using Gigabit Ethernet technology, the cameras transmit data over standard CAT-5e and CAT-6 cables to distances of up to 100m allowing for a greater distance between the camera and inspection system.

The Genie cameras are supported by Dalsa's Sapera Essential software and its Genie Framework package for fast and simple camera set-up. Moreover, the Genie Framework employs Dalsa's advanced trigger-to-image reliability engineering, accelerating application development and deployment time.

Genie cameras are easy-to-use and affordable. Other models include the Genie Colour Series models C640, C1024 and C1400; their monochrome counterparts, models M640, M1024 and M1400; and the Genie HM Series camera, models HM640, HM1024 and HM1400 – monochrome cameras which operate at up to 300fps, in VGA resolution.


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