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Pilot GigE series

Basler has expanded its Pilot GigE series with models equipped with Kodak's dual tap KAI-01020 CCD sensor. Available from Multipix Imaging, the monochrome and colour Pilot models can capture 60fps at full 1 Megapixel resolution. The 60fps rate is a key requirement for allowing increased throughput in the factory automation market. In intelligent traffic applications, semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, this is also a significant advantage

The Basler Pilot camera family is based on four selected Kodak CCD sensors and one Sony CCD sensor for exceptional image quality. Equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet interface (compliant with the GigE Vision standard), these cameras take maximum advantage of the Kodak sensor technology and can often substitute for more costly Camera Link cameras and frame grabbers. For more flexibility, this series offers additional software features that can be integrated into the image processing software on a remote computer.


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