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Pico640E IR imaging sensor

Ulis has launched the Pico640E, a VGA (video graphics array) 640 x 480 17µm IR imaging sensor.

The high-resolution (more than 300,000 pixels) IR imaging sensor comes in a small footprint (24.13 x 24.13 x 5.57mm). In tests, it has demonstrated a high response speed with a thermal time constant of 8.8ms and a thermal resolution less than 45mK. The versatility of its high-quality, compact design means that it can perform long-range detection up to approximately 2km, depending on the target, as well as detect fast-moving objects. These performance advantages make Pico640E well adapted for military applications, as well as thermography, predictive maintenance and surveillance.

The sensor is also suitable for image-fusion applications, which use both visible and IR images. Visible sensors have a much faster response rate than IR sensors, so there is often a time lag between visible and IR images when the camera is panning. Due to Pico640E's fast response rate, it minimises the delay between visible and IR images when they are superimposed, thereby improving overall image quality.


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