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PI50 vision sensor

Sick has launched a vision sensor in the Inspector family, the PI50. The vision sensor allows users to build their own interfaces easily, as well as operate it from any computer or operator panel with a standard web browser.

The Inspector PI50 is ideal for applications such as solar wafer alignment and damage detection, fiducial alignment in electronics, calibrated robot guidance in automotive, positioning control in commercial goods production and integrated quality control in packaging machines.

The vision sensor contains an expanded toolbox for object location and positioning based on a taught-in pattern, free-form and line/polygon object shapes. In addition to the positioning tools, it provides tools for quality inspection such as blob, pattern, edge and pixel counting inspection.

A new calibration feature supports image translations to ensure that results are exactly aligned with the external machine environment. It also provides reliable images even in tight and tilted setups where the image could otherwise be distorted.

The device is available in a white or infrared ring light option. It supports extended results and control handling over EtherNet/IP and TCP/IP.


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