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Phase One iXA aerial camera

The Phase One iXA aerial camera system from Phase One Industrial now supports flight planning software, IGIplan, and flight guidance and sensor management system, CCNS-5, both from IGI, a provider of smart geospatial solutions.

The iXA is accessed through the generic camera interface implemented in the CCNS-5. The systems thus greatly reduce the operational costs associated with aerial surveys and aerial image collection.

The Phase One iXA, a rugged, high-quality industrial-grade aerial camera system, has found wide success in the photogrammetry market, both among end users and OEM integrators. Specifically, the iXA is ideal for oblique camera setups and the UAV market. Available with up to 80 megapixel or Achromatic models, the iXA is designed to be easy to incorporate into existing or new systems. IGI extends the iXA series to a smart solution for aerial photography offering imagery at pre-planned positions.


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