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iXA 160 Achromatic

Phase One Industrial, a manufacturer and provider of medium format aerial and industrial digital photography equipment, has launched the iXA 160 Achromatic aerial camera system.

The core of the system is a 60 megapixel sensor that has been optimised for aerial photogrammetric applications and offers high sensitivity to visible light, including UV and IR ranges. The iXA 160 Achromatic’s increased light sensitivity also delivers a base ISO of 200, enabling an enhanced ISO range of 200-3,200.

The release of the iXA 160 Achromatic enables NIR digital photogrammetry for Phase One aerial systems. Used in single camera configuration, the iXA 160 Achromatic offers excellent IR visibility. When used in dual-camera configuration, in conjunction with a colour filter array sensor used in the iXA 160 and iXA 180, the iXA 160 Achromatic captures NIR images that can be combined with RGB images to create co-registered four-band (RGBN) imagery.


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