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Phantom V12

Vision Research has launched the Phantom V12, which is a high-speed digital camera that can record 1,000,000 pictures-per-second (pps).

The Phantom V12 contains a specially designed 1280x800 high-definition CMOS sensor, which is built specifically for high-speed imaging applications. At full‑resolution, the Phantom V12 can record 6,315pps in a wide aspect ratio, and at lower resolutions, the camera can go even faster maxing out at 1,000,000 pps at a resolution of 256x8 (optional). The Phantom V12 also features an active pixel size of 20µm coupled with an improved quantum efficiency. To eliminate blur and accentuate detail, the camera features sub‑microsecond shuttering, down to 300ns (optional).

The Phantom V12 supports both 8- and 12-bit pixel depth for maximum detail and clarity, and also contains Vision Research’s Extreme Dynamic Range (EDR) feature, which allows the user to capture two different exposures within one single frame. For added ease of use and flexibility, the Phantom V12 also features auto exposure, which automatically adjusts the camera to adapt to changing lighting conditions.

The Phantom V12 will be available in two models, either with or without the CineMag interface and in either colour or monochrome. The V12 base model operates at up to 680,000pps with a minimum shutter speed of 1µ, and the step-up model can record at up to 1,000,000pps with a minimum shutter speed of 300ns.



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