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Irida Labs, a leader in embedded computer vision and machine learning, announced today the launch of, the brand-new software and services platform that supports the full Vision-AI product lifecycle. is integrating ML models for people, vehicles, or any type of object detection together with vision system design, data management and ready to use deployment tools for on-device intelligence.

With over 44 billion cameras expected to be deployed in embedded applications and AI-powered vision solutions by 2022, 65% of all enterprise-captured video and images will be analyzed by machines rather than humans. comes into the foreground aiming to help companies transform image and video into KPIs that matter.

The platform is suitable for companies looking for a Vision Application as A Service (VaaS) using COTS HW components, but also for those aiming to disrupt their industry by bringing a new «vision sensor» product. Working with is really flexible, supporting use cases where a ready-to-use camera system is needed for plug-and-play AI performance as well as cases where existing cameras need to be AI-enabled via Edge AI kits or cloud. empowers the development of scalable vision-based solutions for a wide range of markets, including Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Smart Retail, Surveillance and Logistics. It also enables the building of vision-based AIoT sensors and solutions with optimum performance, low cost and reduced time to market.

“Our goal is to help companies solve real-world vision AI problems, exploiting cutting-edge ML, vision system design, data manipulation and embedded software programming.” says Vassilis Tsagaris, CEO at Irida Labs. “With, our new end-to-end design and deployment platform, we allow the realization of vision-based solutions that are 10-100x faster and more than 10x power saving at equal or better accuracy.”

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