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PDM and LAV series

Industrial vision illumination specialist, CCS Inc, has introduced two new dome lights and a bi-directional line light. The PDM and LAV series of dome lights provide uniform diffused lighting by using combinations of diffused, axial and low-angle lighting. The LNIS/LNIS-FN series of line lights provides obliquely angled light making them ideal for the inspection of surface scratches.

The PDM series and LAV series of dome lights are available in red, white, blue and green versions The PDM series achieves completely shadow-free light through the combination of individually adjustable dome lighting, low-angle lighting, and coaxial illumination. These lights are ideally suited to the inspection of glossy or irregular surfaces for foreign material or for character recognition and text inspection. Other applications include faulty plating inspection and dimensional measurements on electronic components. The LAV series utilises a combination of individually adjustable dome and coaxial illumination for the uniform illumination of curved and/or glossy surfaces.

The LNIS series of bi-directional line lights is designed for use with line scan cameras and is available in lengths from 100 mm to 1000 mm. LNIS line lights feature unique light focusing technology to provide oblique angled lighting, which makes it optimal for finding moving direction scratches. High power LNIS-FN versions equipped with a fan-cooling system offer higher intensity illumination.


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