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Adlink Technology, a provider of industrial frame grabbers, has released its PCIe-CPL64 frame grabber, supporting the PoCL standard. The PCIe-CPL64 is specifically designed for cost-sensitive computer vision applications by providing two base configuration channels with data transfer rates up to 4.0Gb/s and pixel clock rates up to 85MHz. The PoCL feature reduces costs by reducing wiring, as external power adapters would not be necessary.

The frame grabber also supports non-PoCL cameras automatically through SafePower function, which is designed for backwards compatibility with non-PoCL cameras. By supporting the extended memory space of 64-bit operating system such as the 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Vista, the PCIe-CPL64 is well suited for large address space vision applications such as flat panel display, LCD, and solar cell surface inspections.

Two TTL/LVDS trigger inputs are provided to synchronise the image acquisition process with an external encoder or position sensor and two programmable trigger output to manage triggered events such as activating a strobe light.


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