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Flir has launched the P660 thermal imaging camera designed and developed for applications requiring excellent image quality, accurate temperature measurements and good thermal image detail. The P660 is supplied with a sensitive 640 x 480 uncooled detector with a sensitivity of greater than 45mK. The images can be enhanced further using the contrast optimiser, an algorithm that enables the user to view clearly both the scanned object and its surroundings. Particularly useful with low contrast images, this feature enables detail normally lost in the background to be seen more clearly.

A GPS system is also available for geo-location. This facility is useful if a geographically spread asset base needs to be monitored. Utility, energy and telecoms users will benifit, as will consultants surveying a variety of sites.

The GPS data is stored automatically with the radiometric images adding mapping information to inspection reports so that field repair and service teams know the exact location of the problem.

Wireless remote control allows the camera to be set-up in a sensitive or difficult to access location. It monitors or captures an event while the user retires to a point of safety and still retains full control over the camera operation.

A picture-in-picture function allows the user to overlay, pan and scale an infrared image on a visual image. As all measurement data is retained, the combined image can be fully analysed. Thermal fusion is also included and enables image overlay to be undertaken in real time at the push of a button. This also allows the creation of overlay incorporating isotherms, providing thermal fusion data in a temperature band or as above or below temperature.

Flir's P660 includes a 3.2 Megapixel visual camera, a large 5.6-inch colour LCD, tiltable viewfinder and a three-hour battery. It is housed in a rugged but lightweight magnesium casing. The standard model measures temperatures from -40°C to +500°C with an optional range of up to +2000°C.


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