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Oxygen RD0092 to optimise IR imaging

Senseeker Engineering, a leading developer of digital infrared image sensing technology, has announced the availability of the Oxygen™ RD0092, the world’s first 8 µm pitch dual-band digital readout IC (DROIC).

The Oxygen RD0092 supports a 1280 x 720 frame size at over 500 fps and dual-polarity inputs to provide compatibility with all industry-standard direct-injection detector materials. The solution was designed to optimize infrared imaging system performance through state-of-the-art integrated features and multiple operating modes that offer flexibility for a wide range of high-performance application requirements.

“Senseeker has already developed over 30 cutting-edge custom products that are used in proprietary designs,” said Kenton Veeder, President at Senseeker Engineering. “It was a natural progression to create a state-of-the-art DROIC that is available off-the-shelf. This allows infrared image system developers to get immediate access to the latest technology without the cost and risk associated with custom designs.”

In Infrared Search and Track systems, the global shutter mode and windowing capability enables an unlimited number of 32 x 32 windows at over 8000 fps to detect and track multiple objects in real-time. For Situation Awareness applications where threat detection is critical, High Dynamic Range Dual Integration mode can be used to expand the possible dynamic range over 110 dB. This mode runs two integration times simultaneously on a checkerboard pattern of pixels to optimize range, resolution and detection sensitivity of the system.

"The RD0092 is our first off-the-shelf readout product and we wanted to make sure that it strikes the right balance between being feature-rich and easy to operate," said Dr. Thomas Poonnen, Director of Engineering. "You can change operating modes or window sizes on the fly and toggle detector polarity or checkerboard integration pattern between frames, all of which can be accomplished by flipping just a few bits."


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