Opto Engineering MCZR optical systems

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Now available from Stemmer Imaging, Opto Engineering’s new MCZR series of multiple-magnification optical systems combine high resolution imaging with the flexibility of object format changing.

Unlike conventional zoom systems, the MCZR optical systems have been designed specifically to work as macro lenses, while the optical system ensures the same optical performances of very high-resolution fixed focal lenses. The device can be both automatically and manually set to one of the four available magnifications. This opto-mechanical solution ensures that both magnification and image centring are maintained when returning to a specific configuration.

The lenses provide excellent magnification constancy without requiring re-calibration after zooming. They provide perfect parfocality as there is no need to re-focus when changing the magnification, and excellent image centre stability, as each magnification maintains its field of view centre.

The lenses are suitable for on-line applications requiring frequent changes of format and high quality images provided by the same lens. The MCZR optical systems can provide a perfect solution for checking registration marks, the quality inspection of different sized objects, or for package and code reading, among other applications.