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OptiMOS scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera

QImaging has launched its optiMOS scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera for fluorescence microscopy. An alternative to traditional CCD cameras, optiMOS captures fast cellular dynamic events across a large field of view without compromising sensitivity.

The camera offers 2.1 megapixels at 100fps and achieves 45 per cent larger field of view than standard 1.4 megapixel fluorescence CCD cameras, according to QImaging. It provides less than 2e- of electronic noise enabling high frame rates without compromising sensitivity, and full 100fps streaming to disk without expensive complex Raid 0 configurations.

OptiMOS is suited to a broad range of fluorescence microscopy applications. The camera is ideal for cell biologists using live cell, multi-colour fluorescence; biophysicists studying membrane dynamics and protein and lipid trafficking; as well as neuroscientists looking at ion transport such as electrophysiology, calcium imaging and ratiometric imaging.


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