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Onyx EV76C664

e2v’s Onyx family of image sensors is designed for the most demanding outdoor camera and industrial machine vision applications, where illumination budgets are restricted or where high-speed inspection is required. Available from imaging distributor FRAMOS, the new Onyx EV76C664 is a 1.3 megapixel CMOS image sensor which features an electronic global shutter (true snapshot) or a rolling shutter for low light applications, with excellent sensitivity and enhanced performance in the near-infrared spectrum.

It has been designed using e2v’s advanced CMOS imaging technology and is ideal for many different types of application where premium performance imaging is required. The Onyx EV76C664 has an innovative pixel design which offers excellent performance in low-light conditions, but also caters for ‘all-light’ environments (typical of outdoor camera applications) where wide dynamic range is needed. It has high-resistivity, deep-depletion silicon in order to increase its NIR sensitivity. The sensor uses digital double sampling to achieve low noise in both rolling and global shutter modes. The one-inch optical sensor format comes with a pixel size of 10µm and provides the ideal solution for low noise, precise images and high sensitivity at short exposure times.

Alla Schengel, line manager e2v at FRAMOS explains: “The Onyx EV76C664 is available in monochrome and sparse colour filter versions with a period of four pixels which makes it an excellent solution for security systems and other low light applications. Furthermore, three different wide dynamic range modes (bi-exposure mode, log mode and multi-slope mode) allow pixel information from different exposures to be combined, so that scenes with a very high dynamic range can be handled.”

The data are output via six LVDS channels and this makes a frame rate of 100 fps possible at 12 bit. The high readout speed at full resolution ensures that the sensor is suitable for applications where fast data transfer and processing times are needed. Together with its enhanced NIR sensitivity and high dynamic range, this makes the new FULL HD CMOS sensor the perfect choice for applications in surveillance and security, traffic, industrial inspection and medical and scientific imaging.

With 35 years of experience, FRAMOS is in tune with the requirements of today’s imaging customers and is ideally positioned to help its clients innovate and remain competitive in a diverse imaging market. As a global imaging partner, FRAMOS is able to support its customers with a broad portfolio of services that ranges from sensors to solutions on a worldwide basis.


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