Olympus SZX7, SZ51 and SZ61 zoom stereo microscopes

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Edmund Optics has introduced Olympus SZX7, SZ51 and SZ61 zoom stereo microscopes. These precision microscopes provide clear, high contrast images in a wide range of life science and other applications.

The Olympus SZX7 microscopes use a Galilean optical system to provide superior image accuracy at high resolutions. Offering long working distances, they have an impressive 7:1 zoom ratio with video compatibility for image documentation. A wide variety of objective lenses and eyepieces are available – accessories expand magnification from 4x to 336x – and provide excellent image flatness for a large range of specimens or applications.

The SZ51 and SZ61 microscopes are ideal for use in the life sciences to provide excellent image quality with ample depth of field for numerous biological microscopy applications. They utilise a 10 degree angle of convergence Greenough optical system for superior field flatness with high clarity, strong detail and precise colour.

The SZ51 provides a 5:1 zoom ratio with a magnification range from 8x to 40x with a 10x eyepiece, while the SZ61 features a 6.7:1 zoom ratio with variable magnification from 6.7x to 45x when used with a 10x eyepiece.