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Olympus launches R&D organisation

Olympus has launched a U.S.-based research and development (R&D) organization dedicated to helping meet the needs of researchers in the U.S. and Canada whose studies require customized technology solutions to meet advanced microscopy and imaging needs.

The Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas R&D group, based in Waltham, Mass., works with individuals and laboratories whose research needs are not fully met by commercially available systems. The group modifies existing Olympus products, or develops and incorporates new technologies that can be used with existing products, to expand research capabilities and help scientists accomplish their experimental objectives.

“We deeply believe that research matters, and we now have the ability to provide scientists with an unprecedented level of support,” said Kevin Jia, Ph.D., senior life science marketing manager at Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas. “Researchers have told us they need access to custom development, even for applications that may never have a commercial future. In the past, it might have been difficult to get the attention of a major microscope manufacturer for those custom needs, but now Olympus has a team dedicated to helping researchers get this important work done.”


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