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OCR postage stamp recognition module

Prime Vision has introduced a smart label identification tool whose algorithms can recognise multiple postal imprints.

In a matter of seconds during the automatic sorting process Prime Vision OCR is able to recognise individual or multiple stamps and other imprints in parallel with text and handwritten address reading.  It is also able to 'read' the stamps regardless of their orientation.

The stamp recognition tool works by comparing descriptions of calculated interest points on the image with descriptions stored in a database.

Prime Vision uses a combination of methods for the detection, description and matching of image features, which provide greater reliability. With these techniques, combined with additional validation steps, the software is capable of identifying more than 95 per cent of stamps automatically.

The software provides a stamp configuration tool for when new stamps are introduced or an existing design discontinued. This specially developed software allows customers to manage their own image database.

The stamp recognition system offers postal organisations the potential for considerable cost savings. Not only does it reliably automate another process, it also enables under-stamped mail to be automatically detected. And, in common with all Prime Vision developments, this capability is supplied as a module that can be integrated at any time.


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