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Norite N-5A100 5-megapixel single CXP6

The Norite N-5A100 camera is a 5 megapixel camera from Adimec with CMOS global shutter technology in a 1” optical format.

  •  5 Megapixels at 105 full-frames per second
  • ON Semiconductor Python5k global shutter image sensor
  • Adimec connect-and-grab single CXP6, system set up within 24 hours
  • Size 29 x 29 x 45 mm
  • Lower system cost for high performance multi-camera systems through reduction of cabling, repeaters and power supplies

The Norite N-5A100 cameras are designed to work together to simplify easy integration on system level and control the entire camera system through one user interface. Multi-camera systems using N-5A100 cameras eliminate the cabling and synchronization constraints with Camera Link- and USB 3.0 vision-based systems.

Adimec will be in Booth 102 on the exhibition floor with demonstrations of these innovations and more.  


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