Night Vision Devices to distribute Photonis night vision tubes in US

Photonis USA Pennsylvania, Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Night Vision Devices, Inc. as the United States’ exclusive distributor and integrator  for Photonis’ lightweight and small form factor 16mm night vision image intensifier tubes.  This announcement comes as the US night vision market continues to expand, and solutions that offer lighter weight, less volume and enhanced capabilities are becoming the norm for specialized operations which rely on the best in night vision technology.

Photonis is the world leader in Image Intensifier Tubes , which form the heart of any night vision system and has been manufacturing Image Intensifier Tubes for over 60 years for integration into a variety of night vision systems, whether helmet mounted or hand-held.  Photonis 16mm Image Intensifier Tubes are the lightest mass-produced tubes on the market, customized with a choice of photocathode, phosphor screen, gating speed, and power supply.  Photonis image intensifier tubes provide a distinct advantage to the warfighter in the full spectrum of low light conditions.

“This partnership is a key step in bringing together two companies with a shared common goal – to provide the best and most capable night vision devices to our nation’s finest,” said Photonis USA CEO Larry Stack, while visiting Night Vision Devices’ manufacturing facilities. Also in attendance was James Brennan, Vice President for Night Vision and Digital Vision at Photonis. “Through the use of our Image Intensifier Tubes in their systems, Photonis and Night Vision Devices together will offer the highest quality, comprehensive night vision solutions, designed to help our military and first responders see through the night.”

Bill Grube, CEO of Night Vision Devices said, “Over the years we’ve been working with Photonis Image Intensifier Tubes and have been exceptionally impressed with their performance. Their new 16mm tubes are the perfect companion to our entire product line of night vision devices, and we’ve been looking forward to this partnership for quite some time.”

Night Vision Devices is the premier source for the highest quality US manufactured night vision binoculars, monoculars, weapon sights, and night vision parts and service.  Through their tremendous experience in working directly with the Department of Defense, and other Federal, State and Local agencies, Night Vision Devices is a trusted source for the finest in professional-level night vision products.


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