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New interfaces for Koesha full HD camera module

AIVION, leading provider of video processing hardware, today announced the new interfaces for the KOESHA Full HD Camera module KSM203L-F. AIVION’s new interfaces supports the HD-SDI, HDMI and USB 3.0 standard. These modules expand AIVION’s portfolio of interfaces for Sony FCB and Tamron block cameras with the camera manufacturer KOEISHA.

TL755X | HD-SDI and HDMI Interface Series

The TL755x interface series supports 1080p (30Hz,25Hz), 720p (60Hz,50Hz,30Hz,15Hz) and 1080i (60Hz, 50Hz). Camera control can be done via a PC, RS485, RS232 or serial 3.3V TTL interface. Sony’s VISCA protocol based software can be used.

The TL7551 has two 3G HD-SDI outputs while the TL7552 provides one HDMI output. The unique combi board TL7550 combines both video outputs.

TL6535 | USB 3.0 Interface

The TL6535, the USB 3.0 interface board, streams uncompressed Full HD video (1080p) at 30 frames per second t a computer. The power supply voltage is generated onboard. The block camera is fully USB 3.0 powered, no additional power supply is required. The TL6635 is USB Video Class (UVC) compliant, which allows direct “plug and play” without installing drivers.

Full HD Block Camera KSM203L-F from KOEISHA

The Koeisha camera module KSM203L-F offers the latest technology to give a superior image quality and an exceptional precision even in poorly lighted environments. The block camera is equipped with the latest Sony IMX236 Exmor CMOS Sensor and a 20x zoom lens. The camera works in the Wide Dynamic Range without loss of frame rate and has amongst other things a Back Light & Spot Light Compensation and a DEFOG function. The camera is typical used for: Day & Night Monitoring, Night Time Monitoring with IR Light, License Plate Monitoring, Flood Monitoring, Road & Railway Monitoring and Airport & Harbor Monitoring.


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