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Ricoh Imaging Deutschland announces the introduction of a new 12mm lens to complement the current range of five RICOH FL Series lenses (with 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm focal lengths) compatible with 1” format cameras with up to 9MP resolution.

The new model provides the widest angle of view and highest resolution up to the periphery of this series, making it ideal for visually inspecting high density printed circuit boards, confirming hairline cracks and other surface defects on up to 600mm diagonal sheet metals, inspecting for minute scratches on sheet-like film surfaces, checking for missing pixels on LCD monitors, inspecting multiple objects simultaneously and in making detailed inspections of a wide range of details.

This new lens features a φ42mm compact design, despite its megapixel resolution, allowing a high degree of freedom in incorporating it into a wide range of equipment and positions.

Lenses up to two megapixels are currently dominant in the FA camera market. However, the market is transitioning to high resolution megapixel class lenses. By extending the line-up of our existing nine megapixel lenses, we are able to meet the diverse needs of our customers. 

Key Features of the New RICOH FL-BC1220-9M

High resolution and high contrast wide angle lens design

This lens is compatible with 3.69μm pixel pitch, 1” format FA cameras with resolution of up to 9 megapixels. From the centre to the periphery, the lens has a high resolution of 135 lp/mm. Due to a minimal degradation of resolution right up to the periphery it produces sharp, high contrast images. Therefore, even images on the periphery can be suitable for measurement and inspection. The design of the wide angle lens with a 12mm focal length allows for a wide viewing field of 96.8mm x 72.6mm at a distance of 80mm from the subject, with a 1” (12.8mm x 9.6mm) sensor size.

Floating mechanism in it’s focusing system

The use of a floating mechanism allows it to capture low-distortion images with high resolution at all ranges, from infinity right down to 80mm, demonstrating maximum performance at any magnification.

φ42mm compact design

To fit in a 44mm housing used for most nine megapixel cameras, this lens has a φ42mm compact design ideal for installation with high performance equipment, enhancing production line working efficiency.

Minimum object distance of only 80mm from the lens

Minimum object distance is close at only 80mm and because it can maintain high resolution thanks to it’s focusing system’s floating mechanism, it is superior in terms of image quality for close-up imaging compared to using close-up extension rings. Furthermore, it allows for image processing using the high performance of the lens itself, even when inspecting in confined spaces.

Extensive RICOH FL Series line-up

With the addition of this 12mm focal length lens, the FL Series will have a line-up of lenses with six focal lengths ranging from 12mm to 75mm (57° - 9.8° horizontal angle of view) compatible with 1” format cameras with up to 9MP resolution handling a variety of inspection applications.


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