Nano-Hyperspec sensor

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Headwall has released its Nano-Hyperspec sensor for commercial UAV deployment. The low-cost hyperspectral sensor operates in the VNIR (400-1,000nm) spectral range and includes onboard data processing and storage to minimise size, weight, and power constraints inherent with small, hand-launched UAVs.

The Nano-Hyperspec sensor can be combined with optional GPS/IMU capabilities to provide an airborne configuration that is small, light, and fully integrated. The total sensor package with data processor and storage weighs approximately 0.6kg and measures 76.2 x 76.2 x 119.4mm.

The VNIR sensor features 640 spatial bands and 270 spectral bands at a resolution of 2-3nm. The frame rate is over 300 frames per second and usable data storage capacity is 480GB.

The product is available as an OEM-programmable sensor and a high-performance sensor configuration for end-users.

Headwall's hyperspectral sensors are all based on a concentric, aberration-corrected design using precision high-performance gratings. This design is robust and features no moving parts and no transmissive optics such as prisms. The sensor design provides high signal-to-noise ratio and outstanding spatial and spectral resolution across the entire spectral range and field of view. The wide field-of-view is crucial for airborne applications that demand flight-path efficiency.