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Baumer has released the MXG03, a board-level camera equipped with a fast VGA sensor from Cmosis (the CMV300) which has been specifically developed for high-speed imaging. The camera provides a frame rate of up to 250fps.

A flex print connects the sensor with the system board meaning the camera can be adapted to almost any mechanical design. Potential applications include checking blister packages for completeness or pharmaceutical vials for contamination. They can also be used in the semiconductor industry for presence checks and position monitoring during assembly, as well as in non-industrial sectors like life sciences.

The integrated global shutter with CDS (Correlated Double Sampling) means rapid movements can be detected with low readout noise and excellent image quality. The camera has a GigE standard interface which offers a high bandwidth, reduces integration and maintenance costs, and supports the installation of camera networks. Comprehensive camera features like trigger delay, sequencer, debouncer, packet or transmission delay, storable user sets, or an optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) power supply are available. The MXG03 is available in monochrome and colour versions.


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