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mvImpact 2D-CodeReader

Matrix Vision has renamed its mvImpact Data Matrix module mvImpact 2D-CodeReader, as the module has been extended to incorporate a QR-Code reader.

Originally from Japan, the Quick Response-Code (QR-Code, ISO/IEC 18004) has become increasingly important, both in the automotive industry and other areas where it is used to identify parts and components. The mvImpact 2D-CodeReader extended module now supports the QR-Code and reads all QR-Code sizes from 21 x 21 to 177 x 177 elements. The module decodes codes regardless of position, whether the codes are mirrored or read from behind, as well as dark-on-bright printed codes and vice versa. In addition, the print quality of the code can be determined according to ISO/IEC 15415 with the module.


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