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MvBlueGemini 1.4

Matrix Vision has released mvBlueGemini 1.4. This twin concept, which brings together the mvBlueGemini Smart Camera and the "mvIMPACT Configuration Studio" (mvIMPACT-CS for short) allows users without programming expertise and developers without knowledge of image processing to implement complete visual inspection tasks quickly and cost-efficiently. This is possible thanks to the intuitive and simple operating concept of the mvIMPACT-CS, which uses wizards to guide the user efficiently through the inspection set-up, thus guaranteeing uncomplicated, rapid access to industrial image processing. Release 1.4, which is out now, optimises and enhances many tools, allowing the user to set up their inspections even more easily, quickly and flexibly.

By way of example, the ‘Camera setup’ tool now includes the option to carry out camera calibrations. The advantage of this is that, firstly, lens distortion is corrected and, secondly, that a conversion is made from pixel to global coordinates. This makes it possible to, for example, take measurements or make positioning calculations in millimetres.

In the ‘Find object’ tool, several objects can now be found within the same image, regardless of the position or rotation. This enhancement means that objects can also be counted.

The ‘Read text’ tool has been enhanced to include two additional supported fonts: Universal and Dot Print. Dot Print is the accepted standard in part identification in the automotive industry.

The ‘Measure object’ tool has also been optimised. More specifically, the algorithm for detecting circles in this tool has been improved in the wizard so that even circles which are not exactly round, are partially obscured or are of poor contrast, can be detected.


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