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Support for Toradex’s iMX8 SoM series

e-con Systems Inc, a leading embedded vision camera manufacturer is excited to announce their partnership with Toradex, a leading embedded System on Module provider. Further, e-con Systems has launched a bouquet of MIPI CSI-2 camera module support for Toradex’s iMX8 SoM series, Apalis. Among the camera modules would be e-con’s flag ship 4Kcamera module, e-CAM137A_CUMI1335_MOD. By launching variety of camera modules with different image sensors and various features, e-con Systems enables Toradex Apalis i.MX8 customers to address multiple applications.

e-con Systems’ e-CAM137A_CUMI1335_MOD is based on 1/3.2 inch ON Semiconductor’s AR1335 high resolution sensor with a pixel array of 4208H x 3120V. The camera module supports a M12 holder which allows the customer to interchange various lenses.

Other than the 4K camera module, the initial launch includes e-CAM55_CUMI0521_MOD, 5MP MIPI CSI-2 camera module based on 1/2.5 inch ON Semiconductor’s AR0521 sensor with active pixel array 2592 (H) x 1944 (V). The larger pixel size of AR0521 provides superior low light performance enabling quality imaging systems in varied lighting environments.

In addition, e-con Systems would be soon launching e-CAM130_MI1335_MOD, 4K Autofocus camera module and e-CAM56_CUMI0521_MOD, 5MP MIPI CSI-2 Monochrome module for Toradex’s iMX8 SoMs. Also more cameras would be launched soon for Verdin family of SoMs.

“e-con Systems, a pioneer in embedded vision is excited to partner with Toradex, a leading computing solutions provider for embedded industry to launch our bouquet of MIPI CSI-2 camera modules for Toradex computing platforms. Our customers can choose any camera from this bouquet to build and deploy their embedded vision products in no time” said Ashok Babu, President of e-con Systems Inc. “Customers can bring down the time-to-market for their embedded vision products drastically as these cameras are already tuned for image quality and ready for deployment in the field without worrying about camera integration issues for long term supply of cameras”, he added.

“Toradex’s focus is to make embedded computing easy. We know that good camera support is important for many of our customers. We are pleased to welcome e-con Systems to our proven Partner Network. We worked hand-in-hand to integrate their camera in our Yocto Project-based BSP and Torizon, the easy-to-use industrial Linux platform. For customers, this means these cameras just work and you can focus on your application. e-con provides a wide range of camera modules supporting Image Signal Processing (ISP), this provides much better performance on applications processors without dedicated ISP such as the i.MX 8 and i.MX 8X”, said Daniel Lang, CMO, Toradex.

e-con Systems has integrated the camera drivers with Toradex's Torizon, an open-source software platform with Linux OS. This would provide a smooth out of the box experience for Toradex’s existing customers who have bought iMX8 Apalis SoMs.


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