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Aviiva EM cameras

Alrad Imaging has added the enlarged family of the Aviiva EM series of line scan cameras from e2v to its product portfolio. The cameras incorporate the latest high performance sensors.

The camera series is now well established and all models feature the improved back thinned sensor design, which gives better sensitivity and spectral response. Also, the cameras with this latest sensor offer a significant improvement in maximum data rate: they can now run at 40MHz per tap, and therefore, at up to 160MHz for a four tap camera.

There are three cameras in the Aviiva EM series range: Aviiva EM1 is the perfect candidate for applications requiring ease of use, high functionality, low system cost and a Gigabit Ethernet interface combined with high electro optical and line rate performances.

The Aviiva EM2 is designed to be the best choice for mid-range applications, with resolutions from 0.5k to 4k pixels. The high performance electronics and CCD design give excellent results in terms of image quality and signal-to-noise ratio. Coupled to a rich feature set, such as automatic flat field correction (FFC), look-up table (LUT), and automatic tap balance (ATB), it is an ideal choice for demanding inspection applications. The EM2 uses Camera Link interface.

The Aviiva EM4 has a resolution of up to 4,096 pixels. Its comprehensive built-in features, including automatic FFC, LUT and ATB, makes it suitable for demanding machine vision applications. A Camera Link interface is used.


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