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Matrix Vision has released the mvBlueFox-IGC (IGC stands for Industrial Grade Compact). The model is comprised of the single-board camera family mvBlueFox-MLC with a housing. Two models are offered, one with a Mini-USB interface and the second with a further circular connector for digital inputs and outputs. For both connectors, Matrix Vision provides a multitude of different cables with different lengths including bended and lockable versions, and versions suitable for drag chains.

The hardware features are the same in the MLC and the IGC: there are CMOS sensors from Wide VGA up to 5 Megapixels with global shutter or rolling shutter, and both high-quality C- and CS-mount lens holders are available. For industrial integration, 1/1 opto-isolated digital inputs are provided. The cameras offer an automatic gain control (AGC), an automatic exposure control (AEC) and in some cases high dynamic range (HDR) or high sensitivity mode for low-light environments.

Aside from Linux and Windows drivers, the camera also supports DirectShow, NeuroCheck, Halcon, and LabView as well as further third-party software products and of course the Matrix Vision image processing library mvImpact.


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