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MTD-LED HSL SWIR hyperspectral SWIR LED line light

The MTD-LED HSL SWIR is a high power hyperspectral SWIR LED line light in the range of 1000 - 1700 nm. The illumination combines up to 12 different SWIR-wavelengths into a homogenous broadband spectrum. Each wavelength is separately programmable, so the spectra can be adapted to customer requirements. An integrated temperature control enables a stable spectral output. The SWIR-intensity at a working distance of 300 mm is comparable to high power halogen light without any significant heat radiation.

Special features

  • Hyperspectral SWIR spectrum (1040 - 1550 nm; 1100 - 1650 nm)
  • Very high intensity (comparable to powerful halogens)
  • Long useful LED-lifetime
  • Sensor for active temperature stabilization
  • No significant heat radiation
  • Well-focused - 300 mm working distance
  • Line lights in 300 mm modules
  • Different cooling options
  • Programmable illumination profiles


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