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Mounted machine vision filters

Edmund Optics®, a leading provider of optical and imaging components, has expanded its extensive inventory of mounted machine vision filters. This product expansion includes over 350 new polarizers, color filters, and neutral density filters designed to integrate easily into a wide range of imaging systems. Each filter is available in common thread types and wavelength regions for seamless pairing with Edmund Optics TECHSPEC® imaging lenses.

The Mounted Machine Vision Filters are a line of color filters optimized for use with popular LEDs. They feature ≥85% transmission and exceptional blocking capabilities, making them a suitable alternative to the more specialized TECHSPEC® High Performance Mounted Machine Vision Filters currently offered. The Machine Vision Absorptive Neutral Density Filters and Mounted Machine Vision Glass Linear Polarizers are ideal for reducing glare and minimizing pixel saturation. A 40-20 surface quality ensures crisp, high-quality images.

For prototyping applications, a new Machine Vision Filter Kit is now available. Each kit contains a selection of the most common filter types and sizes to quickly test a range of components.


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