Motionblitz LTR3.0 and Motionblitz LTR4.0

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Mikrotron’s new Motionblitz LTR3.0 and Motionblitz LTR4.0 portable long-time recording (LTR) systems allow users from all industries to gain new insights in production and research via long-time recordings.

The new systems combine high-resolution camera with extremely high frame rates. Due to the fast data transfer via the CoaXPress interface, recording times of up to 60 minutes are possible, even at high frame rates. This enables precise recordings of each moment of a process in detail and gain important insights by analysing the footage using the playback function.

In Full-HD format, the system, with 3 or 4 megapixel cameras, provides a frame rate of up to 900fps and up to 35,000fps at reduced resolution. The communication, camera control and power supply are controlled from up to 10m away via a single coax cable. Through the use of a fibre optic module, operable distances of up to 140m are possible.

One advantage offered by long-term recording is that an employee no longer needs to be permanently present at each production line requiring monitoring. Thus, production lines and processes can be continuously monitored over long periods and errors and events can also be precisely identified subsequently.

The systems are designed for use in sports analysis, industry, aeronautics, kinematics, exercise and behavioural studies in animals and humans, the military, and other areas in research and development.