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MLX75412 extended HDR image sensor

Melexis has launched a new image sensor in the Avocet series, the MLX75412 extended HDR image sensor. The MLX75412 includes two on-chip functions: a high performing fully automatic extended HDR and exposure control function named Autobrite and an adaptive histogram remapping function named Autoview. With these functions, a full feature set is offered, which greatly simplifies building HDR cameras2.

Focus applications include automotive driver assistance and night vision applications, security/surveillance applications, fleet safety cameras, truck blind spot cameras, transportation/heavy vehicle cameras, and other outdoor and all weather cameras.

The Avocet series are wide-VGA image sensors with a 1,024 x 512 pixels resolution. They feature an extended high dynamic range, up to 154dB in every single frame, with a full resolution frame rate up to 60fps. Sensitivity in terms of SNR10 is 25nW/cm2 at 25°C at 535nm.

This low light performance combined with the extended HDR offers excellent picture quality during day and night time and thus enhances safety for driver assistance systems.


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