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Microscan Nerlite Smart Series

Multipix Imaging has launched the Microscan Nerlite Smart Series of lighting. The illuminators have a built-in controller to adjust intensity between continuous mode and high output strobe mode for a complete and easily integrated solution. The series includes the Hi-Brite area/floodlight, DOAL lighting, and ring lighting.

The Hi-Brite illuminates small to large areas with LED lighting to provide a high intensity output, featuring IP67 industrial sealing. The compact lights include a built-in controller for a complete and easily integrated solution for rugged automation environments. Versatile 10° spot and 50° flood lens options allow them to be used at both near and far distances to accommodate a variety of applications.

The DOAL (Diffuse On-Axis Lighting) illuminators provide diffuse, uniform illumination for flat specular surfaces. With the coaxial lighting approach, specular surfaces perpendicular to the camera appear bright, while surfaces which are marked or embossed absorb light and appear dark. Giving greater uniformity than conventional sources, DOALs increase machine vision accuracy and repeatability.

The ring lights are a cost-effective and easily integrated solution for diffuse illumination of surfaces. With subtle adjustments to working distance and angle of light delivery, ring lights can deliver good image contrast for a minimal investment.


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