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MicroHAWK ID-30 and ID-40

Microscan and Varioptic announce the availability of autofocus MicroHAWK ID-30 and ID-40 Barcode Readers. The MicroHAWK is the world’s smallest platform for barcode reading to advanced machine vision. It includes a fully-integrated imaging engine and three industrial-rated miniature imagers with unrivaled flexibility, ease of use, and universal application potential.

It also now includes a Varioptic Autofocus Liquid Lens element, which enables users to remotely adapt the camera focus or compensate for object dimension changes.

“Our customers expect flexible, high-performance products in a tiny package. Having an autofocus system greatly improves the range of problems customers can solve with a single device, such as inspecting products with features on multiple planes. This once would have required expensive automation to move parts or multiple cameras configured for specific focus distances. Now the camera effortlessly performs the task” says Matt Van Bogart, Director of Marketing at Microscan

“Unlike other barcode readers and smart cameras, our customers can also move cameras from one location on the factory floor to another without having to worry if the cameras have the proper fixed focus distance or depth of field, and they can standardize on a simple configuration across their factory.”

“The newly-developed Arctic 25H liquid lens is a great fit for industrial compact imagers such as the MicroHAWK, where internal heating, combined with the often harsh environment of industrial cameras, requires extended operating temperature ranges,” says Samuel Grand, Varioptic BU Director. “We are proud that Microscan has expanded its product range based on our Liquid Lens. This consolidates a long-term relationship with Microscan.”

Autofocus MicroHAWK Barcode Readers are now available from Microscan. For more information, please visit:


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