HS-51 and HS-51X imagers

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Microscan has released two new wireless imagers, the HS-51 and HS-51X handhelds. They combine advanced decode algorithms, dual field optics, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

The HS-51 and HS-51X imagers are equipped with a 1.2 megapixel CMOS sensor and dual field optics to provide the reading of codes ranging from large 1D barcodes to small high density 2D symbols. The HS-51 is a portable solution for decoding 1D/2D symbols in common applications such as high-contrast, black and white labels. The HS-51X includes Microscan’s X-Mode decode algorithms and innovative bright field lighting for reading difficult, low-contrast codes, including direct part marks such as dot peen and laser/chemical etch.

Both imagers are ergonomically designed for comfort in repetitive and heavy duty applications, and feature visual and vibrating indicators to provide confirmation of successful reads in noisy or sensitive environments. The units include a 1,300 milliamp lithium-ion battery with a life up to 50,000 reads, and 32MB of non-volatile memory. The compatible charging station transmits and receives data over a Bluetooth link. It also includes LED indicators and a paging button to locate a misplaced imager.