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Ulis, a manufacturer of infrared imaging sensors, has announced it will conclude the first of two phases in the MIRTIC (Micro Retina Thermal Infrared) project with the launch of the Micro80P thermal sensor array.

Micro80P is the first 80 x 80 small pixel pitch high-sensitivity array in a line of next-generation thermal sensor arrays that meet the needs of applications seeking to achieve maximum energy efficiency in everyday use, such as building automation for heating, ventilation and air conditioning or automatic lighting.

The new thermal sensor array product line was developed within the scope of MIRTIC, a €24.8 million project set up by ENIAC Joint Undertaking (a public and private partnership in nanoelectronics) in 2012.

Led by Ulis, MIRTIC project partners include: CEA-Leti, a leading microelectronic and nanotechnology research centre; Integrated Systems Development, a global systems integrator; Metaio, a developer of augmented reality technology; and Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management. The project will now move to the application development phase.

The launch took place at the Sensor and Test Fair in Nuremburg, Germany, from 14 to 16 May.