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Meganova ring lights

AutoVimation now offers Meganova ring lights in six different colors. These modules are equipped with an onboard strobe controller. Developed to fit into autoVimation’s enclosures with a 3" front window, like the Orca and Mammoth housings, the special clamping mount ensures good heat dissipation. Each light contains eight high-performance LEDs in four optional beam angles between 14° and 76° for optimal illumination of the camera field of view. In addition to two white ring lights with different CRIs, Meganova is available with red, green, blue, and infrared light.

They are mounted using the integrated clamps with a large contact area. The ring lights feature a large enough inner radius for wide-angle lenses with diameters up to 36 mm to be fitted right behind the front window. This prevents reflection of light onto the camera lens. The LEDs can be pulsed with almost six times the nominal current, resulting in four times the normal brightness. The onboard controller calculates the maximum pulse/pause ratio depending on shutter speed and gain and prevents users from selecting damaging settings.

Due to good heat dissipation via the camera enclosure, 200 % nominal current – almost twice the normal brightness – can be continuously maintained under room temperature conditions at 16 W power consumption. Continuous temperature monitoring with automatic emergency shut-off prevents overheating. Users can set the pulse length, triggering behavior, exposure time, current amplification, and other ring lighting and flash parameters exactly as required via RS232 interface. The trigger is controlled via an optically isolated 5...24 V DC wide-range input. The onboard flash controller enables direct connection of the camera trigger output to synchronize light activation, ensuring particularly accurate flashing especially with short pulses. Reflections at a vertical angle of view can be reduced with an optional polarizing filter ring. A matching diffuser ensures homogenous illumination. Water cooling systems developed by autoVimation can additionally protect the lights and camera even at higher ambient temperatures of up to 200 °C.

AutoVimation has also further expanded its range of Dolphin camera housings for very demanding hygienic requirements. The Dolphin series now comprises three lengths suitable for compact cameras with cross sections between 29 x 47 mm and 40 x 40 mm. Up to 218 mm long camera assemblies including lens and connectors can be comfortably fitted within. Since the enclosures are made to EHEDG design specifications, direct contact with food and placement in high contamination risk areas are no problem. The housings made of V4A AISI 316L stainless steel can be cleaned with pressure washers. Electropolished surfaces and a surface roughness of less than 0.8 μm reliably prevent bacteria buildup.

All seals and cable conduits are FDA-approved and comply with EU regulations 10/2011 or 1935/2004 for use in hygienically sensitive areas in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. The sealing materials feature high chemical and temperature resistance. They permanently withstand fats, mineral oils as well as aggressive cleaning agents. The enclosures achieve IP69K ingress protection, and the lids feature dual seals for additional safety. The front lid is optionally available in acrylic or BK7 glass. Versatile mounting options and compact dimensions allow for vibration-proof installation of the Dolphin enclosures in any location. The new rear wall mount enables 360° enclosure rotation and 50 mm height adjustment above the mounting surface. The patented Quick-lock/Heat-guide mount provides excellent dissipation to the outer housing and therefore cools the housed camera.


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