Machine vision to equip TNT postal hubs

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VITRONIC Dr.-Ing. Stein Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH and TNT have entered into a long-term global partnership to equip hubs, gateways and service centers with the latest machine vision technology for data capture of all transported items. The initial project which, covers over 100 sites throughout Europe, consists of systems that read barcodes, measure the volume and check the weight and capture 3D images of conveyables, smalls & documents and non-conveyables.

TNT, one of the world’s largest express delivery companies, transfers goods and documents around the world tailored to their customer’s requirements with a focus on time-definite and day-definite pick up and delivery. Up to a million consignments are delivered per day and as the company is growing, TNT needs a reliable partner who provides systems that automatically capture the exact data on every item that is transported. To provide a superior service to their customers at optimal costs, TNT processes need to be automated and optimized, daily volumes need to be planned and of course, invoicing data needs to be correct.

VITRONIC will deliver more than 600 systems for conveyable items, for smalls & documents at manual workstations and for non-conveyable items to TNT. All systems include volume and weight measurement. The contract includes supply, installation, commissioning and after-sales support for all of Europe.

“VITRONIC’s product range with its outstanding and very innovative products covers all our requirements”, says Maarten Ree, Perfect Transaction Executive from TNT. “We worked very close together and bundled the technical expertise of both parties. In addition, the roll-out and service concept convinced us that a partnership with VITRONIC is optimal to strengthen our service chain and better equip our people network.”

Gerhard Bär, COO VITRONIC GmbH adds “We are proud that the very modern and cutting-edge concept that TNT requested, fits perfectly to our product range. Being a system provider, we can adapt the functionalities of our systems for a customized TNT solution which will be used as a standard for TNT worldwide”.