M12B cylindrical microscopy camera

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Pixelink, a global provider of industrial cameras for the microscopy and machine vision markets, announced the expansion of their superior line of Sony IMX based USB 3.0 microscopy cameras with a new 12 megapixel 4K ultra high definition model.

The M12B cylindrical microscopy camera, based on the Sony Pregius IMX304 CMOS sensor technology, is the perfect solution for customers requiring high resolution and fast focus with a larger sensor. Available in both color and monochrome, the 12 MP camera with 1.1” lens format, offers a smooth display, fluid navigation, and unbeatable image quality.

“Pixelink has long prided ourselves in providing high quality cameras for the microscopy marketplace,” comments Lisanne Glavin, General Manager of Pixelink. “We are pleased to now offer the M12B to the industry.  It is an extremely versatile camera for measurement and documentation.”

The M12B delivers outstanding imagery in dark field, differential interference contrast (DIC), polarized light and basic fluorescence.  The camera can also be purchased with Pixelink µScope software which offers enhanced image capture and analysis, annotation and measurement tools.

Image: Caleb Foster/shutterstock.com

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